If you are looking for pedigree and my history in IT, you won’t find it here. About all I can tell you is that I have a strong addiction to learning things. IT is the perfect career as you can never learn it all. I have a fascination with IT vendors and why they do the things they do. I try to be fair, but I have been known to get caught up in the marketing. I’m a sucker for a good sales pitch. If you want to kill some time, you can find me on Twitter here. If you need to get right to the point, you can contact me here.

***Note: Anything I write is my opinion, and my opinion only. In no way should anyone get the impression that my employer holds the same views or endorses what I write. I have been a Gestalt IT Tech Field Day delegate a few times. I have also traveled on HP’s dime a couple of times. So far, the following companies have provided transportation, lodging, food, and assorted trinkets and product samples to me during the Tech Field Day events and other single vendor sponsored events:

Air Magnet

They didn’t do this because I was obligated to write anything about them. They did it because they wanted to know what myself and a bunch of other people think about their products. To be quite honest, my first love will always be Banyan Vines(Rest in peace old friend!).

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a walking billboard for lots of companies. I have received hats, shirts, water bottles, USB flash drives, notepads, RC helicopters, mouse pads, books, meals, bottled water(Fiji is the best. Trust me.), sporting event tickets, tote bags, sanitary wipes(Don’t ask!), hand sanitizer in liquid form, lip balm, juggling balls, flashlight key chains, stuffed animals(My kids dig them.), pens, candy(Yay Christmas!), ice scrapers, coffee mugs, and other assorted items from a bunch of different vendors I may or may not have done business with. I bet you have too. I’ll go ahead and mention the USB car charger I received from Brocade even though it didn’t work.

***Update – It turns out the car charger I received from Brocade DOES work. You see, I am a moron and I didn’t bother to check in multiple vehicles. My last car had a broken power port. I have since replaced that American car with a European one and I am happily using my Brocade charger on a regular basis to recharge my phone and tablet while on the go.

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