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A Different Way To Understand RF

I came across this article tonight which shows a proof of concept system that can allow you to control devices in your home based on body movement and gestures that are detected by wireless client devices working in conjunction with … Continue reading

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Another Big Shiny Switch

At the Interop Las Vegas show in May, I got an up close look at the new HP12910 switch. I thought I would post some pictures I took and give my take on this new platform. First, I should point … Continue reading

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Lacuna Systems

I had the pleasure of speaking with the people from Lacuna Systems at Interop a few weeks ago. I wasn’t familiar with them at all, and since they happened to have a booth on the expo floor, I was able … Continue reading

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In Search Of Swag

Just when you think you have all the vendor swag you could want, and more, someone else comes along that makes your collection look pathetic. Courtesy of Josh Atwell, I give you “The Brad”:

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The Curse Of Matthew’s Books

Now I know what you are thinking. That’s an odd title. You might think this is about me, but it isn’t. It’s about another fella named Matthew. Perhaps the word “curse” is a bit extreme, but please allow me to … Continue reading

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I had an interesting discussion with a client a few days ago that was centered around code levels on devices. We’re updating some code on a pair of Nexus 7010’s in a few weeks and we spent some time poring … Continue reading

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Recovering Your Wireless Pre-Shared Key On An Apple MacBook

This might not be anything new to some of you Mac veterans, but I stumbled across this the other day and felt compelled to share it. If you are like me, you connect to a wide variety of wireless networks. … Continue reading

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Aerohive’s Latest Product Release

This is going to sound bad, but I don’t really care that Aerohive announced new switches. I thought I did. I knew they were coming and I longed for the day they would be here, but then they showed up, … Continue reading

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Getting Your Money’s Worth Out Of Your Links

I was fortunate enough to attend the Brocade Analyst and Technology Day event back in September at their corporate headquarters in California. I have a dual interest in Brocade as I follow them from a general technology perspective and I … Continue reading

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Does It Bother You When You Fail?

I was interviewing for a job several years ago and I was asked a Cisco routing question regarding administrative distance. I was thinking about the answer and managed to get it confused with advertised distance, which is related to the … Continue reading

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