Does It Really Matter?

My wife and I have this disagreement when it comes to which grocery store we prefer. I happen to favor a big chain based out of Florida. She happens to prefer a big chain based out of Ohio. We each have our reasons for and against each other’s pick, and they go a little something like this:

Her Store Choice
Pros – They are cheaper.
Cons – The shopping experience is poor.

My Store Choice
Pros – The shopping experience is great.
Cons – They are more expensive.

I choose experience over cost. She chooses cost over experience. The difference is that she always complains about the poor experience when she comes home from shopping at her store. I accept the fact that my store of choice is more expensive, but I feel better when I shop there.

Who Has The Better Argument?

The end result is the same. We both get food. What’s more important though? Money or the experience? I guess it depends on what you are focused on. As for our kids, they don’t care. They just want to open the pantry and see food.

Technology is “food”. Kids are “end users”.

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3 Responses to Does It Really Matter?

  1. Joshua Williams says:

    Interesting how I had an identical dilemma with my wife. Her choice was the world’s largest retail chain based in Arkansas, and mine was a local company with a focus on customer experience. We compromised with the super-sized version of the chain with a big, red target for a logo. All is well now (as long as I don’t have to go back to the Arkansas option).

  2. @KowshikPro says:

    I am sure, you are the good husband and just “listen” to the complaints about poor experience. 🙂 On serious note, I would slightly modify your analogy “experience/benefit” is food. Certainly there are those early adopters thrilled with technology but most end users are looking for experience or what can I do with that technology. I have a 3D capable phone. The novelty wore out within 2 weeks as there wasn’t enough interesting content to consume. Like @johnobeto and @GTRoberts express their distaste for Twitter website/clients even through they love the technoloogy. The scale may be starting to tip from “does it matter” to “it does matter”.

  3. Matt says:

    You can still make a top class meal from ingredients bought from a cheap supermarket. You just need the right cooking skills and a bit of imagination. And it won’t necessarily be more likely to give you indigestion 😉

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