Things Worth Reading – 29 March 2011


Some of the more interesting things I have read courtesy of RSS feeds, Twitter, Google searches, e-mail, and….. well, you get the idea.

E911 and Energy Efficiency – A deadly combination?

Mark Fletcher makes a great point about phone availability. Tom Hollingsworth has made a similar point in regards to soft phones. The physical phone is something even small children are proficient with. However, if it is software based, or powered off, it isn’t of much use in an emergency to a non-technical person.

When 24×7 Isn’t a Good Thing: New SSID Schedules!

Meraki isn’t the only wireless vendor to offer SSID’s on a time based schedule, but it is a neat offering. Firewalls have been doing this for several years now. Why make something available outside of business hours if you don’t have to?

PenTest Bookmarks

More security bookmarks than you can possibly use. A great list of security blogs and other security related topics.

Route Distinguisher and Route Target

Another great post from Jose at Initial Draft. If you work with MPLS VPNs or just want to know more about them, this is a must read. Anyone studying for their CCIE Route/Switch lab should add this blog to your RSS reader. They have been creating some real good content lately in addition to their CCIE interview series!

Has feisty Arista delivered a knockout punch to Cisco with new 7124SX switch?

Brad Reese put together an interesting overview of the new Arista 7124SX switch. Take note of the comments at the bottom as well. Doug Gourlay from Arista responds and adds a bit more information regarding the technical specifications of the switch. This is great reading if you like the nerdier things, and I assume you do.

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