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HP Networking Opinions Unleashed

At the risk of people thinking this blog has become too focused on HP, let me present one final post regarding other people’s opinions about HP. After HP Discover in Las Vegas last month, I lucked out in a drawing … Continue reading

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Feeling Lucky?

I have been fortunate to receive a free laptop from HP due to my involvement with them at the HP Discover conference that took place out in Las Vegas in early June of 2011. This laptop is mine to give … Continue reading

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Proprietary? So what.

There was a time not too long ago when you could look out on the networking hardware landscape and it would be covered in teal colored devices from Cisco. There were other companies out there, but the bulk of what … Continue reading

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Clouds, Convergence, and Management. Oh My!

My kids are big fans of the Wizard of Oz. Me? Not so much. I’m more partial to Weird Al Yankovic than Judy Garland, but that’s not really important. Do you remember, in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy, the … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions.

I have come to an important crossroads in my career. A decision has been thrust upon me, and not by my choosing. Recently, my company entered into a long term agreement with HP to outsource application development and infrastructure operations … Continue reading

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This Is Why You Study Vendor Solutions!

Today on my lunch break, I decided to watch some videos from Brocade on YouTube. I know. I know. You do the same thing right? Well, as I went through the playlist, an interesting video regarding IBM blade centers and … Continue reading

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The Interop Time Machine

Take a trip with me back to the 1990’s. The Internet was going mainstream. Corporate networks were on the rise. In my case, I was on a Banyan Vines network. There were a few Windows, Unix, and Linux servers here … Continue reading

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Finding Options Through Interop

Thanks to HP, I am here at Interop in Las Vegas. I’ve had the chance to walk the exhibit hall and sit in on some sessions. While there’s a ton of things I am interested in and want to comment … Continue reading

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HP Networking – Part 3

If you haven’t read them already, here’s part 1 and part 2 of my HP posts. Those 2 posts focused more on the marketing aspect of HP and networking. My intent in this post is to discuss more of the … Continue reading

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Flip Is The Symptom, Not The Problem.

Cisco has killed the Flip. Twitter and blogs are replicating this announcement out to the far corners of the Earth. I am cheering as are plenty of other network centric people. My friend Tom(@networkingnerd) spun up a quick post on … Continue reading

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