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Does It Really Matter?

My wife and I have this disagreement when it comes to which grocery store we prefer. I happen to favor a big chain based out of Florida. She happens to prefer a big chain based out of Ohio. We each … Continue reading

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Touring Geek Heaven

A few weeks ago, I went to Atlanta to tour a data center. HP invited me down to take a look at a specific customer of theirs. I live about 4 hours away, so I drove down the night before … Continue reading

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The Burden Of Pre-Sales

There’s something to be said for doing post-sales VAR/vendor work and corporate IT operations work. It has its major benefit in the familiar. By that, I mean that if you consistently perform the same type of work over and over … Continue reading

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Networking 101: WAN Optimization

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Networking 101: Load Balancers

For some time, I have been trying to think of a way to produce content for people very new to networking. Whether it was an IT manager, a recruiter trying to learn the lingo, or a sales person at a … Continue reading

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The Automation You Love To Hate

Want to get people riled up? Send out a tweet proclaiming your love for VTP. What is VTP? I’m glad you asked. For those who aren’t familiar, VTP(VLAN trunk protocol) is simply a way to propagate VLAN configuration across multiple … Continue reading

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Interop 2012 Las Vegas Pictures

Here are some random photos I took with my iPhone during Interop 2012. Based on the quality of them, I probably should invest in a real camera. The picture with Spock and I was taken by Stephen Foskett who I … Continue reading

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HP Networking – One Year Later

Last year, HP sent me to Interop. The Las Vegas show and the New York City show. I received a fair amount of access to HP Networking engineers and executives. This year, they sent me to the Interop show in … Continue reading

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ExtraHop Networks

I have written and re-written this post at least a half dozen times. It’s been nagging at me since Interop in early May. I had a nice format. I even created some nice graphics, but it just felt so clinical … Continue reading

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Setting Up Partners For Failure?

A short post, but this has been on my mind for a few months. People who work for resellers and vendors typically have access to competitor information. This is usually a comparison or contrast against whomever the vendor sees as … Continue reading

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