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Networking 101: STP Root Bridge Placement

I created this video because I wanted to explain WHY root bridge placement is so important from a Spanning Tree(STP) perspective. There are lots of videos and information out there about STP, but I haven’t found one that actually explains … Continue reading

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People Who Ask Why

There are a lot of things I want to teach my kids, but at the same time, I find myself not wanting to for certain things. Let me explain. For the first years of my children’s lives, they made very … Continue reading

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My Lego Datacenter

I was invited to take part in a datacenter building contest from Juniper Networks recently. I don’t need to give you the full story behind myself and Legos. Let’s just say I have loved them for a long time. Both … Continue reading

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Appreciating Complexity

For four years, I played the French Horn in school. I learned a fair amount about music. Mainly, I learned how difficult it was to write music. Not just writing it, but also performing it at a high level. Once … Continue reading

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Another Controller-less Wi-Fi Solution

I was looking over the list of vendors that are presenting at the upcoming Wireless Field Day 5 and decided to do a little more research on a few of them. I’m familiar with Metageek, Aerohive, Fluke, and Xirrus. Motorola … Continue reading

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One Man’s Opinion On VAR Life

Back in October of 2012, I had a very lengthy video chat with Mark McClure, who is a freelance white paper and case study writer based out of Japan. He wanted to get my opinion on content marketing and how … Continue reading

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Smarter Backups

I had the pleasure of seeing a presentation from Veeam as part of Tech Field Day 9 in Austin,TX back in June. Since I primarily work in the route/switch/wireless world, backups are not something I normally deal with except when … Continue reading

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Vendors Are Listening

There isn’t a day that goes by where someone on Twitter isn’t complaining about some vendor. I do it myself. Sometimes it seems as if we are all shouting about the same thing and nothing is ever done about it. … Continue reading

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This Job Isn’t For Everyone

The longer I spend on the value added reseller(VAR) side of the house, the more I realize this job isn’t for everyone. If you stop and think about it, it can be downright depressing at times due to the following … Continue reading

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If you hang around various IT departments long enough, you are bound to run into “shelfware“. That’s the term used to describe software that is purchased, but is either never used, or used for a brief period and then forgotten. … Continue reading

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