How Does This Help Aruba Networks?

I was going over my YouTube subscriptions tonight, as I do at least once a week, and came across this video from Aruba Networks:

While I do love watching things go through a shredder, I fail to see the point of this video. It begs the question: Who watches this and would this video change their mind?

In my opinion, this video is aimed at a non-technical buyer. If you make a significant investment in Aruba based on this video, I have serious concerns about your ability to make sound judgements when it comes to technology. That is not to say that the AP-225 from Aruba can’t beat a Cisco 3702 AP in testing. I honestly don’t know. I have access to both AP’s, and I suppose I could run my own independent tests, but to what aim? I certainly don’t have 20 laptops laying around to run my own version of this test, and I am struggling to locate the exact testing methodology used on the Aruba website. The video mentions that Aruba publishes the exact test they performed. I assume it is available somewhere. There was nothing in the video description, so I suppose I have to do even more poking around Aruba’s website to find the testing methodology, if it is indeed there. I looked around for a few minutes, but couldn’t find anything showing how the test was done.

There’s good tech marketing, and there is bad tech marketing. I think this fits the latter. I have a great deal of respect for Aruba, as I think they DO have very good technology on the Wi-Fi side, as well as the extra systems that complement Wi-Fi(ClearPass, Meridian, AirWave, etc…). I just think their time could be better spent adding to the other GOOD videos that they have done in the past that have a lot more technical substance to them.

You are better than this Aruba. I’d have no problems calling out one of your competitors if they were doing the same thing. You want to call out Cisco? Fine. Do it. I welcome that, as I think ALL vendors should have to explain how their products work and let the customers make more informed decisions. You can do that in a better way. How so? Well, I am glad you asked.

Check out the following video from GT Hill at Ruckus where he discusses Cisco’s Clean Air technology and Ruckus’ stance on it. Although the video is a few years old, it still makes you THINK, and THAT is what makes a better informed buyer.


What do you think? Am I off base here? Is this how tech marketing is SUPPOSED to work? Are people being influenced by videos like the one shown above from Aruba?

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  1. xyro says:

    Xexe… Aruba video is a failure. You do not know the full story.
    Firstly, when they uploaded this video, it was a bit different. At 2:05 time the video looked like this:

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