Networking 101: Load Balancers

For some time, I have been trying to think of a way to produce content for people very new to networking. Whether it was an IT manager, a recruiter trying to learn the lingo, or a sales person at a reseller or vendor, I was trying to find a way to impart basic concepts in a short amount of time. This video is my first attempt. It isn’t meant to be exhaustive. It isn’t meant to replace formal training of any kind. It is really just meant to give someone a nudge in the right direction. Oh, and it is also free. 🙂 I originally wanted to produce a cartoon book, but I recently bought a Wacom Bamboo Tablet and opted for this route instead. I can also assure you that I am not trying to copy CBT Nuggets new MicroNuggets series. I have a lot of respect for the content they produce and frequently steer people their way when asked which IT training companies I like.


For those of you who read my posts every now and then, this probably won’t tell you anything you don’t already know. However, I am always open to suggestions. No need to tell me my drawing skills aren’t professional. I’m acutely aware of that.

For those of you who may have actually found this useful, feel free to leave me a comment at YouTube or in the comments section below on topics you might want to see. I am looking to produce a couple dozen of these in the next few years. This video went long, but I want to keep them all under 5 minutes.

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  1. Rowell says:

    Great video! I thought the length was good. Much better than watching a 45 min video, that’s for sure. It’s great to see others making videos. I’ve also been planning my own. Im looking forward to more of your videos.

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