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It’s Game Day! Are YOU Ready?

It’s late August here in the United States. That means one thing for a lot of people. Football is starting. No offense rest of the world. Your football is my soccer, although I tend to side with you that my … Continue reading

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Don’t Just Collect. Consume.

I have a bit of a problem when it comes to information. I tend to resemble someone on the TV show Hoarders. I have loads of PDF files on my laptop. Some are on my iPad. Some are on my … Continue reading

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Drowning in Features

Have you ever bought a car without all the bells and whistles? You end up with some blank buttons in your dashboard. You’re not really sure what they are for, but there’s that little voice in the back of your … Continue reading

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You’re lying. Well, at least until we see the packet capture.

Maybe you’ve experienced this before. You are minding your own business without a care in the world when all of the sudden the phone rings. You: Hello? Them: There’s a problem and we think the network is the cause. Can … Continue reading

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Is It Possible To Stay Vendor Neutral?

***Note: I am asking this question from a corporate IT perspective. I am not asking this from the standpoint of a vendor or reseller. Most of what I do in the networking world revolves around one vendor’s equipment. Not all, … Continue reading

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Make Your Job Easier

****Note – While I thought about detailing the technical steps necessary for delegation on different pieces of equipment, I decided to go with the more “architectural” or “philosophical” approach in this post. Besides, there are plenty of others out there … Continue reading

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